The Annual Manufacturing report states that there is a vast amount of potential for companies capable of embracing the latest technology and tools. By 2025, it’s estimated that the Internet of Things will be worth 6.2 trillion dollars. Additionally, the report states that 74% of respondents agreed that they would soon need to invest in new technology.

There’s a great deal of pressure on manufacturing companies from global competition and technological advancement to compete in an economy where changes are happening fast. With much mass production moving to developing countries, those companies in the west are moving towards lower volume, high added value, sustainable and innovative products.

Why Additive Manufacturing is the Way Forward

Additive Manufacturing is just one way for companies to place themselves ahead of the pack. AM allows manufacturers to compete in this marketplace by providing fabrication solutions for low volume production.

According to PWC surveys, two-thirds of manufacturers are already using AM in their processes.

Additive Manufacturing allows industry to deliver the advantages of bespoke production over low volume, such as defence, medical, automotive and aerospace. AM allows greater freedom of design and customisation, quicker production and delivery, and the ability to improve strength and functionality. This is often referred to as Designed for Additive Manufacture (DfAM).

Additionally, in Metal Additive Manufacturing, the key advantage is the ability to enhance the design of a part previously not possible. With AM, you can graduate metal thickness to give strength only in the areas required, produce internal features and assemblies of finished products in a single production cycle – saving time and money.

Unlocking the Advantages of Additive Manufacturing

Accessibility to 3D printing tools is making it easier for businesses from all sectors to enjoy the benefits of AM for themselves.
However, to make the most of this new idea, companies need more than just the right technology. Engineers and designers need to begin thinking beyond the constraints of traditional processes when it comes to solving complex challenges.

In other words, adopting additive manufacturing requires a change in mindset as much as a change in technology.

So why a mindset change? Well, as often with new technology, there’s a certain leap of faith required to embrace progress. Those in the know have already seen the advantages that AM can bring to them and their business. Others are taking a little longer.

New technology also means finding a way to change mindsets from fixed (i.e. the way we do things now is fine) to growth (i.e. things could be better!). Once you’ve cracked this, it’s easy to set your business on course for success.

What Are the Obstacles to AM?

Failure to embrace Additive Manufacturing processes is often due to lack of understanding of;

• The technology.
• The wrong procedure or material.
• A sub-par post-processing treatment.

There is still the fact that AM is in its early days and not all businesses have the know-how within their manufacturing teams to promote and use this innovative technology.

AM is set to make a significant change in the boundaries of current, traditional manufacturing, but manufacturing businesses need to implement strategies to engage their technical and managerial colleagues to make the most of it.

Consequently, a change of mindset is essential for companies to move forward. There’s an element of needing to re-educate engineers in terms of design to allow for the full potential of AM to be released. For those who embrace the technology and have an open mindset, the possibilities are endless.

How Croft Can Help

That’s where we can help. Croft Filters have been a leading manufacturer of bespoke filters for over three decades. Over the years, we’ve helped companies from countless backgrounds solve their filtration challenges – no matter how complex. Our commitment to creating highly bespoke and customised filters means that we’re always ready to address any problem our customers might have and help them improve their productivity and efficiency as a result.

As specialists in custom filtration and with access to the most up to date Additive Manufacturing processes, we’re always ready to tackle the latest demands of our new and loyal customers – no matter what they may need from us.

Whether you’re in the pharmaceutical industry, power generation, food and beverage, oil and gas, or a range of other sectors, you can rely on Croft to help you make the most of your filtration strategy. With our state-of-the-art tools, award-winning custom filter options and additive manufacturing knowledge, we’re always on hand to help you accomplish your goals for a more efficient and productive business.

If you would like to partner with an innovative, forward-thinking manufacturer like Croft Filters to help move your business forward, contact us today.

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