According to PWC surveys, two-thirds of manufacturers are already using AM (additive manufacturing) in their processes.
The availability and accessibility of 3D printing tools are making it easier for many more companies to unlock the benefits of AM for themselves.
For manufacturers of filtration products, the critical advantage of Additive Manufacturing is that it can augment the design of a part in ways that were previously Impossible – now manufacturers can graduate metal thickness to give strength in the required areas only and produce assemblies of finished products in a single production cycle, saving both time and money.
With over 30 years’ experience developing and delivering high-quality filtration solutions across a range of industries in the UK and worldwide – from chemical, oil and gas to food and beverage; power generation to pharmaceuticals; utilities to waste management – Croft Filters specialises in the Additive Manufacture of complex metal components.

Additive Manufacturing and Croft Filters

Founder and co-Director of Croft Filters, Neil Burn’s, role in the company is diverse and covers all aspects of the business financial, product development, growth strategy, staff skills and training, recruitment and marketing.
Recognising the potential of Additive Manufacturing, he purchased a machine and thus Croft Additive Manufacturing Ltd was born. This sister company has made improvements in filter output, as well as allowing the company to design to add value, optimise parts and enable low volume production.
It has also helped the company’s environmental policy by allowing them to introduce reusable filters – reducing their own carbon footprint and that of its customers.

Croft Filters Share Industry Knowledge

Croft Filters has seen the growth of the AM industry as part of Industry 4.0, and the company aims to support academic research to help identify new applications for this technology.
In 2017, Croft launched their Additive Manufacturing workshop – a non-academic masterclass which teaches existing and potential AM users about the full capability and potential of Additive Manufacturing.
Keen to share their industry knowledge further, they are now pleased to be able to offer a short course providing a basic introduction to Additive Manufacturing at the 13th World Filtration Congress in San Diego, California in April 2020.
Director Neil Burns will be heading up this programme. Using his expertise in production using AM he will show how it is applied within the filtration industry via wedge wire, woven mesh, perforated plate, filter housings and component parts, as well as a hybrid of conventional manufacturing and Additive Manufacturing.

Join Croft At the Next World Filtration Congress

Aimed at attendees at the conference, Croft will provide detailed insight into the fundamentals of additive manufacturing – providing knowledge backed with expertise and experience.
The four-hour introductory course will cover the process and the development of additive industrial parts, as well as information on Designing for Additive Manufacture (DfAM) and how it differs from conventional design.
Illustrated with case studies relating to the filtration industry, Croft will aim to demonstrate the potential benefits Additive Manufacturing can deliver to the filtration marketplace.

About Croft Filters

Here at Croft Filters, we pride ourselves on being a leading manufacturer of bespoke filters, with over three decades of experience in our industry. Over the years, we’ve helped companies from countless backgrounds solve their filtration challenges – no matter how complex. Our commitment to creating highly bespoke and customised filters means that we’re always ready to address any problem our customers might have and help them improve their productivity and efficiency as a result.
As specialists in custom filtration, we’re always ready to tackle the latest demands of our new and loyal customers – no matter what they may need from us. That’s why we’re continuously investing in the latest tools, technology and even the future generations of manufacturing talent.
Whether you’re in the pharmaceutical industry, power generation, food and beverage, oil and gas, or a range of other sectors, you can rely on Croft to help you make the most of your filtration strategy. With our state-of-the-art tools, award-winning custom filter options and additive manufacturing knowledge, we’re always on hand to help you accomplish your goals for a more efficient and productive business.